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There are constantly new developments in our dog and cat meat campaign. Here you can find all press releases, updates and background information:

Dog Meat Slaughterhouse in Cambodia

Help to Close a Second Dog Meat Slaughterhouse in Cambodia

A short window of opportunity to prevent the deaths of thousands of dogs

Dogs in cages at a dog meat trader in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Siem Reap becomes the first province to ban dog meat in Cambodia

FOUR PAWS applauds local government for reacting to its year-long investigations

Dogs crammed into cages for dog meat

Dog meat festival takes place in China despite new regulation that protects dogs

FOUR PAWS regards the celebrations in Yulin as a threat to animals and public health

Dog in cage

China bans the selling of dog and cat meat

FOUR PAWS calls on the Governments of Cambodia, Indonesia and Vietnam to follow China’s example

Dog in a cage

Timeline of our activities and achievements

FOUR PAWS is committed to bringing an end to the cruel dog and cat meat trade in Southeast Asia 

Dog and cat meat trade in the time of the COVID-19 epidemic in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

While China bans dog and cat meat, trade in Southeast Asia is thriving

FOUR PAWS reveals new dog and cat meat trend amongst global pandemic


Video: The nightmare of pet owners 

Across Southeast Asia, this is a reality for millions of dogs and cats that get stolen and killed for the dog and cat meat trade. Watch it now!

Dogs in a cage

Ten million dogs and cats are slaughtered for their meat in Southeast Asia yearly

According to new FOUR PAWS report, trade continues to thrive despite severe risk to public health 

Dogs in a cage

A FOUR PAWS report on the dog and cat meat trade in the Southeast Asia

A report on the dog and cat meat trade in the Southeast Asia and recommendations to end the trade


The Dangers of Live Animal Markets

The closure of these markets to protect people and animals is essential


Austrian journalist accompanies operation in dog slaughterhouse

Denise Zöhrer looks where others turn away


A Journey Across the World to Escape the Dog Meat Trade

6 Lucky Survivors Rescued, Find New Life in the U.S.


FOUR PAWS shuts down dog meat slaughterhouse in Cambodia

Watch the video now!


Field report of what happens in Cambodia's dog slaughter houses

A story like a horror movie


FOUR PAWS shuts down dog slaughterhouse in Cambodia

Two of the rescued dogs were locked in a cage for years, witnessing the slaughter of thousands of other dogs


51 dogs rescued from the dog meat trade in Vietnam

Asia Canine Protection Alliance helps provide medical care for confiscated dogs


How FOUR PAWS wants to make a difference

Our work before the campaign lauchned


The Beauty of adoption!

Adopting a pet is a wonderful process 


FOUR PAWS Southeast Asia Partnership Program

An active cooperation for stray animals care


Ground Zero of the Cambodian Dog Meat Trade

A moments decision between life or death: Neary and Sopol get a second chance!


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