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Sep 2022

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Five for Millions

Rescued from the dog meat trade, 5 heroes await new homes in Switzerland 


Taken off the streets as strays or stolen as pets from their homes: around 10 million dogs and cats in Southeast Asia face this fate every year. After they are captured, the dogs are kept in alarming conditions until slaughtered.

Fortunately, some of the dogs were lucky and escaped a shortened life full of terrible misery. Five dogs rescued from a minivan now wait for new homes in Switzerland. Their stories of survival shed light on the many remaining victims of this cruel trade, which still need our help. They also symbolise hope for an end to the brutal dog and cat meat trade once and for all.

In cooperation with our partners and the Swiss animal shelter Paradiesli, these five dogs symbolise hope to end the brutal dog and cat meat trade for good.

Read more about why they came to Switzerland here.

Our five heroes

Brinkman, Rhodey, Sassy, Shark and Wanda – are the five lovely dogs that were rescued by FOUR PAWS from the dog meat trade in Southeast Asia. In Switzerland, they are looking for loving and species-appropriate forever homes where they can begin to heal from their traumatic past.



1,5 years old

More about Brinkman



almost 2 years old

Get to know Rhodey



2 years old

Information about Sassy



2,5 years old

Read more about Shark



almost 2 years old

Find out more about Wanda


  • Born: approx. January 2021
  • Brinkman is a black, short-haired, medium-sized young dog with a black spot on his tongue. His look, with his long ears and long nose, is unmistakable.
  • Brinkman is an active dog and loves to jump around. He does take a little time when meeting new people for the first time, but with a little patience, he quickly becomes very trusting.
  • This furry hero has recovered well from his traumatic experiences, is healthy, has a good appetite and is a happy young dog.


  • Born: approx. November 2021
  • Rhodey is a friendly female dog with a brown coat in light and dark shades.
  • She has a happy, balanced character and she enjoys the company of people as well as puppies, with whom she loves to play.
  • Rhodey is a fast runner but also likes to just sit and watch.


  • Born: approx. September 2020
  • Sassy is a medium-sized light brown female, in good health and loves food.
  • Initially Sassy was a shy puppy, but she has since developed and is now showing a friendly nature.
  • She is a very kind dog who can adapt.


  • Born: approx. March 2020
  • Shark is a healthy, medium-sized female dog with a light brown coat and a cute brown and black snout.
  • She is a friendly dog and also quite comfortable with small children or other dogs: She would never start a scuffle.
  • The only time she gets a little nervous is when she meets new people for the first time. But with a little time and patience, she has developed into a trusting dog.


  • Born: approx. October 2020
  • Wanda is a rather small young dog with brown fur, a black muzzle and short eyebrows.
  • She is a bit shy with new people at first, but quickly gains trust and likes to be around people – cuddling is one of her favourite things to do.
  • She has a happy, uncomplicated character and is neither fussy about food nor towards other dogs. When she is particularly happy, she likes to jump up and down – a real bundle of energy.

Saved from slaughter, 5 heroes await new homes

In September, the five chosen dogs will arrive in Switzerland. After the long journey they will temporarily move to the species-appropriate surroundings of the animal shelter Paradiesli before finding a forever home.

After they have settled in, the adoption of the dogs will be organised and carried out by the animal shelter Paradiesli and not FOUR PAWS.

61 dogs that were transported in a minivan

The reason behind Switzerland

In general, FOUR PAWS always tries to find homes for rescued dogs in the local countries.

For this particular situation, FOUR PAWS decided to take an individual case because of the situation on the ground:

  • In July 2020, the Ministry of Agriculture of Siem Reap Province took action to enforce an official ban on the dog meat trade.
  • In February 2021, government officials intercepted a minivan with 61 live dogs destined for slaughter. They arrested the trader and called FOUR PAWS for help.

For dogs and cats rescued from the dog and cat meat trade, there is little to no local capacity for long-term care and rehoming. 

Animal placements do not have a long tradition in Southeast Asia and are only slowly establishing themselves. In the case of the 61 dogs, only 30 have found a new home.

To help the animals find a loving home quickly after their traumatic experiences, FOUR PAWS has decided to place these animals in Europe as an exception.

Siem Reap

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