Experts advised that diseases could come from live animal markets

Year after year, the warning signs have been ignored! Since the end of 2019, the entire world has been suffering due to a viral disease that came from a live animal market – COVID-19. Millions have been infected. Hundreds of thousands have died. All of us, the world over, have suffered in some way – we have not been able to live our lives normally. Trillions of dollars have been lost from the world economy, and millions have lost their jobs.

Now we have an opportunity to make sure that this doesn’t happen again!

  • Millions of dogs and cats from thousands of sources stolen and transported across borders.
  • Animals crammed into small cages in filthy slaughterhouses, markets, and restaurants.
  • Many traumatised with depleted immune systems and infectious diseases.
  • Ideal conditions for the emergence of new viruses with the ability to infect people.
  • One by one, thousands by thousands, millions by millions.
  • One market, one restaurant, one slaughterhouse infecting the whole world.
  • Another pandemic waiting to happen!

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Let the governments of Cambodia and Vietnam know that the dog and cat meat trade needs to end. In the interest of global health, the trade must end today. Dogs and cats are eaten by a minority of people in Southeast Asia. Yet the trade poses a huge risk to all of us.

Garphic Cambodia
Garphic Vietnam

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