Caged dog with silhouettes of people and pet running

Virtual Run for Millions by FOUR PAWS

Support an end to the cruel dog and cat meat trade in Vietnam
From 27th April to 27th October #ThisIsNotVietnam 


We run for those who can't!

Every year, more than five million dogs and one million cats are brutally slaughtered in Vietnam to serve the trade and consumption of dog and cat meat. Many of the victims of this trade are stolen pets from families or stray animals taken from the streets and rural villages.

From capture to slaughter, dogs and cats must live their last days and hours in terror, in pain and torment by the most brutal methods of slaughter. This is what makes the dog and cat meat trade one of today's most pressing companion animal problems, and a serious threat to human health because it contributes to the spread of rabies and other zoonotic diseases.

Run with us to show your support to end the dog and cat meat trade, proving this is NOT what most Vietnamese people want. Petition the government of Vietnam to take action. We want a ban on the trade for good!

Let's run for a Vietnam that says NO to the dog and cat meat trade!

Every step sends a message

The virtual run will take place for six months – from 27th April to 27th October – and is open to people living in Vietnam. Registration is free to run or walk distances of 42km, 60km, 100km, 150km, 200km cumulatively until the run closes in October. 

Prizes and rewards

Every month, 100 medals will be rewarded to the top 100 runners with the highest achievement in the month completing 21km and higher. 200 tote bags will be given to 200 runners completing 10km and higher in the month via lucky draw (BIB). All participants who complete their registered distance will receive an E-Medal and E-Certificate.

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Participating in the Virtual Run

Details on registration and distance tracking

How can I participate in the Virtual Run for Millions?

  • To participate, first visit the iRace website, where you will see information about the FOUR PAWS Virtual Run for Millions. Registration is free. Once there, click the 'Event Registration' button. You will be redirected to a checkout page and prompted to login to your iRace account or register to create one.
  • Under Event Information select your challenge: 42km, 60km, 100km, 150km, or 200km.
  • Click Checkout. Remember, registration is free!
  • Complete the registration process by confirming your iRace account details via an email sent to your inbox by

How do I connect a tracking app on my mobile phone to my iRace account so I can track my distance?

To track your distance, you must install and connect to the Strava or Garmin app on your mobile phone. Follow the steps below if you would like to use Strava. If you would prefer to use Garmin, please click here.

  • Download the Strava app (from the App Store or Google Play) to your phone and sign up (signing up with Facebook/Google is the easiest way).
  • Login to and click on the profile icon near the bottom right to update your profile.
  • In the Apps section, choose to connect to Strava and log in to the Strava account you have registered on your phone.
  • Authorise to access all Strava activity data (tick all boxes). You will see a green pop-up box at the bottom right corner of the screen when the connection is successful.

How can I update and sync my running results?

  • All results on Strava or Garmin will be synced to your iRace account, tracking the accumulated kilometres throughout the duration of the event.
  • IMPORTANT:  Before you start running or jogging, be sure to open Strava or Garmin, select “Record”, then select “Start” to start and “Finish” to save the result each time.

Can I use my smartwatch to track my distance?

  • If you use a smartwatch with a navigation app such as Garmin, Fitbit or Suunto, you can connect the app to your Strava account according to the instructions here.  

Whom should I contact if I have problems with iRace registration and distance tracking?

  • If you have any questions, please contact iRace via Email or live chat here.
  • Please fine asynchronous error handling instructions here.
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